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Beholden only to you, the people of South Dakota!

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My bio

In 1971, I was born in Mission, SD and lived on the Rosebud Reservation. Shortly after my birth, my family moved to Rapid City and we move to Sioux Falls in 1980. I went to college and finally returned to my beloved home state in 1996. That same year, I met my incredible wife, got married and we had three wonderful children together.

Professionally, my background is in sales, property recovery, insurance, law enforcement, construction, and property maintenance. I cut my teeth in investigations when working in property and fugitive recovery. During that time, I discovered I was pretty good at finding things that are trying to stay hidden. This ability proved very useful when working as a law enforcement officer. Attention to detail and having the ability to sort fact from fiction were critical in all three of those jobs. Unfortunately, back then, if you wanted to make a living in local law enforcement, you needed a second job. That is what took me into construction. I worked in this industry as my primary job until my son, Eliyah, was born in 2012. Due to his life-threatening disability, it became necessary for me to become a full-time caregiver for him. This included not only caring for his insurmountable needs, but also tackling the complications in obtaining the resources that would be needed for his care.

My wife once said, “having a child with Dravet Syndrome is like looking both ways before crossing the street only to be hit by an airplane.” We learned early on that having a child with a rare and life-threatening disability meant that both of us had to become a doctor, nurse, lawyer, therapist, chemist, nutritionist, and an expert researcher, in addition to being parents.

Being a father, husband and an employee, have all culminated into what has become the most important job I have ever done—becoming an advocate for thousands of sick and disabled children, adults and veterans. George

My top issues

  1. Citizen legislators: Our founders intended citizens, not political pros, lawyers, lobbyists, or people with gobs of money, to represent the people.
  2. Defense of the second amendment: As all of our Constitutional freedoms are precious and sacred, our core defense from tyranny is our 2nd Amendment, we must strive to preserve it, to keep it from being taken away from us little by little. This is an issue of Constitutional Liberty. (This is not about hunting.)
  3. Continuity of governance: Require all government employees – including elected officials – to be subject to the laws they pass (including health care and retirement/pension provisions)
  4. Constitutional integrity: Strong defender for states rights; return power to the states where citizens have access to their representatives who live with them, article five
  5. Agricultural Prosperity: The core economic engine in our country and more importantly, our State is Agriculture. Like all industries, government bureaucracy and regulation stifle this industry from being able to achieve its maximum potential. Deregulation, allowing family farmers to grow, raise, and pursue alternative crops to expand their profitability is always in the best interest of our State… and vital to our Nation’s food supply.
  6. Criminal justice reform: South Dakota imprisons more of our citizens per capita than any other State. Not only do we need to reform this area for reducing the capital outlay to run our prison system, but to also preserve the freedoms we hold dear. Before we suspend another citizen’s constitutional right to be free, we must examine the penalty vs. the crime. Crime perpetrated against another citizen should be dealt with aggressively to give justice to the victim, however, the State is not a victim, and “crimes against the State of South Dakota” must be reformed. Mass incarceration is a crime. recidivism can only be reduced by measures that provide job training and access to jobs in demand. Incarceration is the way people pay the price for the crime they committed. the prison system is not a drug and alcohol rehab center or a job training program. This service is better served in the market place to help build stronger communities by giving people a pathway to a brighter future.
  7. Congressional War Authority: The United States has been at war in the middle east for more than 17 years. we have been at war in Afghanistan longer than the war of 1812, Spanish American, Civil War, WW1, WW2, Korea, and the Persian Gulf wars combined. we have spent more than 4.79 Trillion Dollars on wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and on Homeland Security(1). However, the largest cost of these wars are the lives of our brave soldiers. We have lost over 7,000 brothers and sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan; that is more than double the amount of the lives we lost on 9/11. More than 50,000 of our brave men and women have been wounded.

    This number does not include Veterans with PTSD, which will take more lives by suicide than men and women who died in combat in Syria(2).

    1. Watson Institute international and Public Affairs, September 2016
    2. Daily Mail, Dec. 29, 2016

My involvement

As a father to a child with a rare life threatening disability, I have spent years advocating to the state legislature on his behalf and the behalf of anyone who would benefit from the use of Medical Cannabis. I have spent years researching the different medical uses of this amazing plant and firmly believe that our government needs to open access to this plant for the sick and disabled.

My son has Medicaid as a supplement to our primary insurance. The role Medicaid plays in our society is crucial in obtaining a quality of life for the poor and disabled. I know we can implement programs, better programs, to help bridge the poor off of welfare and Medicaid that will achieve better long term savings instead of slashing Medicaid’s funding by 1 trillion dollars over 10 years. We are better than this; we can do better than this. We are the greatest nation on the planet and we don’t have to indiscriminately limit medical coverage for the disabled as our first action in repealing Obamacare.


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Historical Press Release: Thursday February 1, 2018

George Hendrickson, currently an Independent candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, announced Thursday he will seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination for the office.

Hendrickson, a 47-year-old former police officer and small business owner, said in a release that he believes the Libertarian Party’s core philosophy of individual liberty mirrors his own ideals of Constitutional freedom.

Currently running unopposed in the Libertarian primary, Hendrickson said while he looks forward to working with party faithful, he remains committed to political independence and providing a sensible alternative to the two-party status quo.

“People are starting to realize that the two-party system of cronyism and power brokering is what has gotten us into our current mess,” Hendrickson said in a release.

“I am not a career politician or a member of the ‘good old boy network,'” Hendrickson said. ” I am just a citizen answering the call for service. When my work is done, I’ll come back home.”

S.D. Libertarian Party chairman Aaron Aylward said the party is excited to welcome Hendrickson into the party membership. While the Libertarian Party does not officially endorse any candidate until after the primary, Aylward added that Hendrickson’s campaign platform of limited and accountable government certainly belongs in the SDLP.

“We love it when candidates, from any party, step up and fight for the cause of personal freedom,” Aylward said in the release. “George and his platform are welcome here, and if he is our nominee, we will throw all of our support behind him.”

Hendrickson said his priorities as Congressman will include fighting for congressional term limits, tax and bureaucracy reform, breaking the cycle of welfare recidivism, working toward a balanced budget, and federal descheduling of cannabis to help provide relief for the sick and disabled.

Hendrickson believes that the United States government was intended to serve the American people, not the other way around. That belief, he said, will guide the many tasks which lay ahead of him as South Dakota’s next Congressman.

“My campaign slogan sums it up,” Hendrickson said. “And that is, ‘Beholden only to you, the people of South Dakota.'”

The Hendrickson campaign has also scheduled a preliminary series of “town hall” meetings on both sides of the state, including:

Monday, February 5 – 6:30 to 7:30pm, Sioux Falls Library – Prairie West Branch 7630 W. 26th St. in Sioux Falls.

Wednesday, February 7 – 6:30 to 7:30pm, Sioux Falls Library – Ronning Branch 3100 E. 49th St. in Sioux Falls.

Thursday, February 8 – 6:30 to 7:30pm Sioux Falls Library _Caille Branch 4100 Carnegie Cir. in Sioux Falls.

Monday, February 12 – 6:00 to 8:00pm Belle Fourche Area Community Center 1111 National St. in Belle Fourche.

Tuesday, February 13 – 6:00 to 8:00pm Location Pending, Rapid City.


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